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Ball Pythons Archived Thread List

What my senate emailed me about s.373
New Owner - Need advice
breeding season
Another shedding question (I know, right?)
Caging information
What The Heck Is Going On With Gizmo?
Entire Collection
Couple of morphs
thinking about getting a ball
Hova bator questions
question on heating a tank?????
Reply from my Senator (generic and overdone yet again)
new collection video BPs
OT: Interesting Story
Its been a long time
my new baby
(almost)new BP owner!!
tubs vs tanks
off the wall odd ?, bps scales to colubrids
Martha Stewart did a story on the phython bill
please dont eat me!
Better thermostat?
funny story.. lol u gotta read
Corn vs ball
frozen rats
A reply from HSUS
MY letter to HSUS
Can Snakes Catch People Sicknesses?
He is here!!!
ball python wont eat
rack system ides
my new baby
scale rot
Enclosure Purchase
cheaper than sterilite???
Sick Ball Python
S373 Kill Date Extended
Just posting saw this ad online
I`m Baaack & With pics :-)
lol funny
Vet Visit Today
Very Important Question
the post to end all acurite probe posts
I wonder...
You know we all love spiders :D
ot.. can we take a moment
OT: Getting some new babies
feeding vid. ! =D
My handsome lad has grown!
My new boy :)
breeding rats, any advice
Ringed python?
I just wanted to show....
any pics of your rack systems
Anyone know any good breeders in Ohio
pastel pricees
felt like postin a couple pics
i would like to know..
Reptile condo update, finished
breeding season question
Check this out!
genetic question please keep it simple
To get python, to not get python that is the question
why is my male refusing food
Ball Python Struck
Have I been doing it wrong this whole time?
OT: Just wanted to share
LOL!! Check out this ad. . .A Spotted Python!!
Ball Python Sqeaking
S373 Update
subterate experament outcome
day night heat cycle??
got bored
OT: finished product!!! =D
Bedding Question
Some hold backs
OT: Update on Dragons (Pics, Heavy)
heat tape.
heat tape question
cute. !
so whats up with this?
Asking the experts or breeders....
Some breeding pics
call for live chat
My new BP(pic heavy)
locked up!
tubs what size
OT Great News!
Does everyone agree that this is a normal femal....Not a morph???
How do I post a pic to the forums???
News Poll for Snake Ban
day 1 rack system
way to divide?
What are these!! MITES!?
Yet another S373 update
Got Another Lock
behavior and breed type
snake is not eating
OT : new pickup
She likes all the pretty boys....
Morph Question for breeders
I finaaly figured it are my babies b4 the seperation.
all of pics are too big?
my bp
Is this a sign that he may strike or am I just being overly nervous?
Sharing my babe:)
I wonder...
"In-breeding" of BP??
Do I need a larger tank?
Help!!! My Ball Python won’t eat!!
Snake Soup...Cute
ot skittles ball python
Funny story =)
Any ideas about how old he is?
any good breeder websights?
Rat Breeding systems question
Just wanted to show off some animals
Snakes eat eachother??
Think my ball is skinny? and some more
Newer pics of my new additions
flame, youre sure?
Better Business Bureau for reptile sites?
UTH not heating up tub properly?
sudden death?
Problems with my new tubs.....
Question about moving rescue bp to new home
Repticon Orlando :+)
what kind of bp is this?
OT: New Rescue...
Snakes can hear.. in stereo??
UTH dimmers for Lins
O.T About me this time
Live Mice...Does anyone know...
Am I missing something?
Feeding underweight BP
het for green?
which bp is shorter male or female
Need help QUICK!
getting bp on bday
funny breed ???
do it really
my new baby bp’s from boasand
OT Please say a prayer
rubbermaid. how to secure the top????
Anyone know the approximate cost of a ball?
i need ideas please post pics of bp tanks
Another guessing game????
Normal or Morph?
Emergency - HELP NEEDED!!!!
Because I’m awesome...
What type is this???
im getting my first BP!
Pine wood used to make enclosures
breeding question
need help
Update On Breeding female
OT: Update on Me
New Addition - very stoked !
From mice to rats
I am getting the hang of this but now i need to ask a couple more questions
OT: Cornsnake Genetics?
Cappuccino Goes Belly Up
Pine wood in a cage?
OT: its about carpet pythons (picture heavy)
OT moving to atlanta
Whats the difference!? Experts??
I gots a new question...please read!
New buys!! Woot!
humidity advice
rats and mice
OT: Cornsnake Genetics?
Just because she`s cute....
Wish I could of got it on camera!!!!!!
How do I ship my ball python overnight?
OT: Carpet Python
Is this a pastel?
Got some pics and updates
Possible bedding choices?
shelf liner?
Pics (hopefully)
Heat Tape
Stop Florida Ban Bill 318
OT: Need opinions! ^..^
OT: She’s home!!! (Puppy pics!)
UTH help??
OT: Rats
Pics (hopefully) II
question about feeding a ball python
Jolliff Tiger Ball questions
Help convincing mother?
New Rack in progress
Need larger Snake hide
How can I sell My ALBINO BP?
Cage Dimensions?
heat lamps???
please read need some info
proposition on the bill S373
BP problems...
* * #1 Reason to Never EVER an leave unattended Live Feeding * *
new rescue
finally got pix of athena come look hehehe
What is a dinker?
Punnett Squares??
added another pic
Help with proper UTH size?
sneezing ball python?
Help with proper tamperature?
Heat Cable?
where can i get
infection singns
Update :)
Never posted on this forum before but better late than never
is there?
Help with name?
Vintage Style Wall Shelf/Coat/Key/Hat Hanger
OT- My new look! : D
Possible Thermal Burn or Scale Rot
Heated Tape
OT............. petland?
Parasites and weight gain?
Input please!
New flexwatt!
youre gonna want to read this.!!!
Changing Caging.
Name suggestions?
My Ball pythons can you tell me what they are?
eco earth?!
:/ advice?
Corns vs. BP’s
Is this true or not?
Spider BP!
ball python and seasonal anorexia
maybe flamethrower posted this-size chart
Is it possible for a bp to show signs of shedding then not shed?
Can snakes give eachother RIs if their tanks are stacked on eachother?
OT........ EGGS!
OT: Poor man’s (or woman’s) leopard gecko rack finished!
OT........ EGGS!
finally yaaay
Suggestions for newbies, Please read...
For you Boa Lovers- New Pick ups
Rescue Ball
Problems Switching to F/T.
Seperation from new snake with other snakes
quick feed ??
OT Snow pictures
I want to know something.
how fast they grow :)
My Enclosure :D
Questions From a Future Owner
BP feeding question
My Ball Pythons
Starting to worry
common question... RI?
what morph, mojo?
ot ? about boas.
breeding morphs, explain?
Some balls
Pics of Izzy..what do you think?
Can I reuse a UTh?
Gentics..what would..?
Repticon Columbia, SC
I hate waiting...
Help with heating cage!!!
OT: I need help
new pic of the bee.
OT: Corn RI
Largest storage tubs
bhb enterprises
OMG somebody please tell me what’s happening!!!
Really excited/curious!?
Foggy Eye
OT: Our Columbia Pickups
Python escape here, no idea what to do...
My Senators Responce
Completly confused on rack-please help
new one- another pastel
Three New babies...
a tattoo im getting done of my BP
OT Carpet Python Question.
Question about ball pythons
Attitude trouble... Help please?
Some New Additions
Advice please?
Update and Some awesome pictures
In case your ever in a "sticky" situation :o
Burn questions
OT: New critter >..<
an accasional huff
1 more OT carpet Question
Reject and Stryker and Jacobi have shed this month :)
This makes me angry
Got some Eggs today
power outage plans
New Pics of Boas
Thermostat question?
Tank Temperatures and Setup - Are mine ok
New snake...completly lethargic
popping ball pythons
Digestive problems?
Pictures of my snakelings
New additions
Updated picture of some of the kids
When can I wean baby rats?
Newish Ball not eating
Clutch #2 down
Ball Python Breeders
Some baby pics.
I ask alot of stupid questions, but is roaming normal RIGHT after...
A few pics
He is here!
Am I starving him
It’s me again(some new pics)
looking for a piebald
some new additions...
need some help
New member with questions..
mjs weight shes doing good
Kahl Albino Outdoors-Boa lovers
OT: First Corn Locks of the Season
Let’s everyone post some update pics :D
What do you guys think?
Get ready!
still off feed/fasting
BP Not Sheeding Alot
Just thought I’d share
My newest Addition
Pics and Updates of the gang
Feeding Question
Humidity issues?
Co-Dominant Traits??
monty is being weird....
cage cleaning sanitizer
very excited, slightly frustrated
New pickup
scar-like raised scales?
Ball Python Collections
dry sheds
Online Breeders?
ball python is in trouble!! help? ?
Pricing on Ball Python morphs
Tips on socializing my boa and python?? Please help!:)
Do ball pythons need heat?
spinners and supser pastel
Normal Ball Python Wanted!!
What are your thoughts!
Finally got pics!!(pic heavy)
mojave ball python
morph question
New owner - got some questions
Python still won’t eat frozen/thawed, please read!! :D
Why I want a boaphile rack....
looking for a home.
pluto isnt doing so well
Hi There!
feeding issues
share your snake pictures!
1st snake bite of 2010 for me
When should I worry.
Got some eggs and some bad news.
bad, bad, bad snake!
OT.... NEED NAMES! and an update.
Working on switching new baby ball to frozen this evening
Got my first BP last night.... taming? :P
A BP & DB, The new guys...
Update on Me!!!!
Feeding Questions (sorry, it’s lengthy...)
OT: I Finaly have babies!
OT - Oh...My...God... I walked in on my rat...
update on akili and bubba
USARK Public Comment/ 30 Day Extension
Egg Cam
Are these products reliable?
An Update
HELP!! my ball python is sick
Bad attitude!
biggest ball python?
rack help
Female ball question
First time Snake have a few ?’s
Love is in the Air!!!!
Is this normal?
The loss of a legend.
Horray for freshly shed snakes!
converted successfully
strip an old aquarium?
Weight Gain Question...
I Just Love Ball Pythons !!
2 Babies out So far
im a newcomer
My new Yellow Belly male
getting a female got a question
Very funny!
I know you have heard it all before
This is my first snake and I have a few questions...
Clutch 2 Egg Cutting
need help
Ball Python Intestine Problem????
New Rack is finished lots of pics
Moving to the UK, can my ball come with?
update on pluto
OT - newest addition!
MY BP cured someones fear of snakes!!
update on visit
Please Help!!! Not sure what to do.
My New BP! (Links to pics)
every one show your babies
new pics!
freshly layed!!
2nd clutch of eggs.
BHB Trip+Tour
Light Shy?
Name your snake!
Ball with scratches, help?
Friends BP got out !!!
Help! My Ball Python escaped!
An Update on Kovy
Help - She still won’t eat :/
OT- transporting frozen rats?
Rat lovers-- Momma Rat
New Baby Ball Python!!
Clutch 2 Coming out
Tubs v. Tanks??
I Love these
Leusistic Ball Pythons
hide or roam?
is this actually a hybrid? looks like a regular BP to me...
baby ball python!
Some pics of whats going on
Phantom Hold Back
2010 Hold Backs
My first ball python-advice..?
Custom Tank: Finished!
Sexing Question
First Ball Python.
sigh, i dont know what to do....
Should I take this one in?
For you rack experts - I have a few semi-urgent questions
some pics
Hi guys, I am back! BP story too
more help with python eggs please?
Fluker’s Digital Thermometer
New 2010 ball baby sooo cute.
after shed pics of syriss
Freshly Shed Fred :)
Male Phantom after shed
must read. substrate alert!!!
Moving to SLC .. gotta rehome some animals...
Ball Python Substrate
bumblebee to pastel??
Savaged by Python
What can i trade 2 ball pythons for?
Little Male Feeding Finally
Incubation question
good breeders
Anyone else on
breeder racks ???
Ambient temps
should I get my first BP?
Morph names
whats worth more a cinnamon or pastel?
Momma python layed eggs on the floor!
still hasn’t eaten.
Candling question for the Breeders.
pastel or cinnamon
interesting story
What’s wrong with my ball python?
keeping ball pythons and columbian together
killling snakes is bad mmmmmmmk?
59 day’s should I cut my egg’s?
Is it okay to feed your snake while it’s shedding?
Ball Python fed rather quickly..
Local News Fail
Couple of questions
Snake has stones!
strange underbelly coloring
Scale burn - Help
Good boy (my ball python) went outside...WHAT DO I DO???
The babies are Coming!
updated pics of the snakes PLUS my new addition!! (PIC HEAVY!)
Eggs and baby pic
New baby BPs
Crappy Morning
update on pluto
They shed!
het albino X het axanthic
Shye’s belly shot - thermal burn aftermath
Cleaning day, Picture Heavy
Mold growth? yuck!
normal or a morph?? can someone tell me
new baby, thinking its a Pastel too
Update on new bp
Hopefully getting my baby tomorrow.
No more cold mice
New Member
mice or rats
New Pickups
New Member
Getting one in next 4 months
Visit it!
New pick up finally got him
went to the vet for a check up
That’s a little... unorthodox... lol
Heating Question
Update of Maybelle and a question
Hey did you guys hear about this?
my crazy kiddos!
Question? is it normal for....
Hello All!
New pics of Cappuccino`s Clutch
ot my new daughter
some serious help plz
Grey/black stuff
question on gold stripe
Are you kidding me?
`10 Butter & `09 Mojave het for Ghost
Possible offspring from spider x spider?
rack heating
Janet! Here is Zypher
flex watt question
Not a BP, but fun new hatching!
update and a HUGE thnx
first snake bite - feeding advise?
behavior question
Should I cut the eggs?
update on pluto....
New Pinstripe Pair
New shedded skin
Just an introduction
New - Head Bobbing Question
heat mat question
AHh!!!! A Real Monster!
New Addition :)
Our new baby, Axel
quick breeding question
ball python breeding
And the counting starts! :D
Rescued a ball python
My first pewter
Is it worth the risk?
Axel’s first shed
They’re Heeeeere! :)
New babies hatched last night!!!!!!!!
my pipping thread
They took F/T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How much humidity? How to get humidity
O.T Rat breeders question, strange
Butt first
Feeding Karma again
feeding question
Will pay to have my snake shipped
hydro update
Shedding I think Wanna make sure i do it right
Just Got My New Ball Python Need Advice
First Ball Python of season hatched
Hasn"t shedded in two months update
Hasn’t shedded in two months
ball python
breeding question
i think...
we need help!
Update...good one!
piebald ball python?
whats wrong?
im back
Best news ever
Hydro update
Have to give him away unfortunately
Getting my first Bp
hydro update
My Hold Out Hold Back
Hi all Ball Pythons owners
another update on hydro
Posting something I saw on Craigslist
another funny craigslister
More rack questions....
Irregular feeding?
Ball Python Feeding Video
Ok. I REALLY need name ideas (and pics)
Spiny mice as feeders
Shedding Cycle:
I think my baby ball is dehydrated.
Just a crazy topic
This Just In.......ok not really
ok this is big news for me.
Shedding problem
Can Ball pythons get attached to one person?
Has been in shed for a week and a half.
Log Hides / Shelters
Not sure if it will work but...
Updates!! :)
Where have I been?!!!
update on my BPs
Oakley eating
Nubs news :)
Have to vent >:@
baby ball python help plz?
need some help and advice
could some1 help me
my first breeding project
Little Moments...
Finally Got Her!!!
Anybody Remember me?!
Feeding Frenzy
Bp’s starting to go blue
Introducing: Esmeralda
won’t eat rats as fat as him.
Ball python suddenly stopped eating
Quick Question
Old member, new name
Shedding question
breeding project
breeding tips?
Het Pied
Reptile Show pick ups...
Update on Karma
OT - I missed this !??! on my birthday!?!?!?
How to post pics?
baby python feeding
New owner, new snake, new worry.
who ever loves Ball pythons Post here!
quick question
Nubs news :) pt 2
new BP owner, shed question
baby bp shedding?
Getting a Couple new Babies
Do you really find this suitable?
Bp with shed at his head still
ahh its nice to see fresh shed
escape artist - Hydro
Price of male Ball morphs?
Question on sudden attitude change
Pinstripes Feeding
New Albino Ball - Need help/advice!
Other snake owners in central Minnesota area?
shedded after 3 weeks!
Help! Question for the experts here
Aggressive Ball
Pics of Karma finally
just wondering
Quite a project.
Just an update
2 Q’s about handling (somewhat)
Some baby pics.
New to Repticzone
Fear of Snakes May Have Driven Pre-Human Evolution
feeding question
New Snakes
Head Shed Problems - Please Help!
New Snake Owner Worried
question about bp
Feeding Question
piercings and loft beds
2010 clutch pics
Safe to feed wild caught?
How old is she?
I think my Royal has a disease
Scales up?
rack problem
rack building question
Food Aggresion?
breeding rats
I’ve tried to look this up but
My snake and I are having a dispute- please help settle this!
bizaar feeding habits
Axel won’t eat!!!
My new ball python!
Reptile Expo Q
8 down, 2 to go!
more pics
Help pls.
all living things ceramic heater
heat cave?
Still no good
something interesting
Got her to eat :)
Hey Guys Im back!
PLZ HELP!! Tiny white bugs in & around enclosures
starting breeding project
New And Just A Quick Question =D
Whistling nose and.. sneezing?
Snake paralyzed?
My new baby ate!
Plumping up a stunted ball
Just a few questions :)
First litter!
pics of malcolm
New to the site w/ 2 new snakes given to me
warm bp?
First Lock of 2011 Season!!!!!
Deacon, My three year old python.
Deacon’s Cage Redone.
Round 2 trying to put pics of Malcolm up!!!
Karma’s Setup
Killerbee-need advice please :)
2 new little ones!
best enclosures?
Kovy’s Been Home 6 Months..
Question about Feeding Multiple Mice
(OT) Got a dwarf retic but that thread is dead :(
My ball python is like a white color and is not shedding...?
Poor Mans Snake Rack
i know this is waaaayyyyy off topic but i have got to ask
does this look like a yellow belly?
Help Me!!!
FEEDER order. Need help please! :)
Got Two New Babies Today!
Glossy snake??
cannibal rat?
humidty info
built a rack/have a question
First BP qany tips/tricks welcome
update on everyone
Regurge and Defecating?
Female thinks she’s a tree snake ! lol
ball python tank size
I can’t decide! Lesser plat females.....
4 ft ball python
Dented eye?
My initial breeding collection! :)
just a test.
Does Karma look thin to you?
Update on the bp I got in July finally decided on his name
Look What Daniel Got Me!
Female Ball needs help
bp size
Reasearch paper about the banning of our snakes.
Snake Info Cards
Clicking noises?
mice and update
Mouth rot
shedding problems
YAY! Nub news
Any Humidity Tips?
Lucey Update
syriss might be gravid
what do you guys think?
reptile convention
Breeding Morphs
My Sunday Afternoon "Steal"
OT question for fuzzy pets
My Columbia, SC Repticon Saturday Pick Up
Columbia, SC Repticon...DUW!!!!!
piggy blanket question
Normals vs Morphs
My snakes and a lock?
is there something wrong with my snake?
30 Slot Hatchling Rack
Prime water conditioner
Found out what the clicking noises were... now what?
blood and clear/white fluid?
Breeding a butter.....
Nub update
Skinny snake
I need some help.
My snakes
New Incubators
how long does it take for a BP to shed?
Three Couples
Problems with new python
New pictures of Karma
baby normal and lucy close ups
My 2010/2011 Breeding Thread
i have a problem with pluto
not a BP, but a new girl
Karma’s Christmas Pictures
Night Light
About to get a new bp
Newest Purchase Pied
Best way to go about this
A new reason to call Petsmart dumb
Some Snake Room Pics
viv help
something funny hydra does
Please help
Unhealthy Snake?
My New Little Diesel
Childrens Python
so today.....
Pick one of the two! QUICK!
OT sad news
Gravid ball python?
My small collection
My new snake
Two New Babies
OT - Excited!
Just got 3 new balls :)
I have a question about ball pythons...
Is this snake healthy?
What kind of reptiles do you have?
My new Pinstripe!!
i think my snake is sick
where can i find cool snake shirts ? on-line
Everyone, meet spike!
Is this okay?
purchasing new friend help
Happy Holidays!
incubator temp question
2010 baby update
OT: Breeder Rats
Is the lighter one a different morph?
Fasting by the seasons?
First balls in a long time
breeding question
breeding question
Snake not eating
New snake owner - advice with feeding needed
bactine for scale rot?
My snakes Live Video Feed
African House Snake
giving away FREE SNAKE
Ball Pythons