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 Pupating superworms and breeding basics

Hi I plan to breed my own supers starting soon, i could "test" pupating a few now but I havent many to spare right now maybe ten I could. I was wondering how do you get them to pupate? I have heard of using like bead boxes or tackle boxes but if one turns to a bettle and the rest are still pupa how do you get the bettle out without smushing it? lol I need advice I plan to breed my bearded dragons next summerish depending on if there big enough and what and would like to have this going before they start breeding and before iíve got babies to feed also(I know crickets ar the best staple I am breeding those too) thanks all for anyhelp

p.s The bettle can Not Fly or anything right????

09/25/06  04:17pm


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 Pupating superworms and breeding basics

Go to Wal-mart and ask them to save you some film canisters. They are free and you donít have to worry about those problems of getting them out. I read to pick out a superworm about 2" long and place in the canister. Some people say to put a small slice of carrot and oatmeal in there, some say to put nothing. My first batch I put some food, the second I didnít. It took longer for the first batch to pupate. Both ways Iíve had a good number of them die, and they smell horrible. So far Iíve got 15 beetles. Iím keeping them in a plastic shoebox with a lid, so I donít know about if they can fly. Good luck

11/10/06  03:29am

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