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 Black soldier fly larvae, Reptile’s food...

Perfect food for your pets,... Black Soldier Fly, hermetia illimens. These worms have been raised specifically for live pet food, but they can also be used as fish bait or to recycle food scraps and converting nutrients back into the environment. Black soldier fly larvae are used for composting, decontamination, and as food for animals. These larvae have not been collected as crawl off final stage larvae and will eagerly eat and grow if fed in a temperature above 70 degrees F. These larvae are not mixed sizes and could be used as a starter colony. These MEDIUM sized larvae which are about ½” in length. (7/16”-9/16”). Monitors, small or large lizards, chameleons, small or large geckos, skinks, juvenile to large bearded dragons, anoles, amphibians, arachnids, turtles, reptiles, larger fish, birds, snakes, rodents, sugar gliders, and many others will find these worms simply irresistible.

All of these worms you will receive were raised on a low fat, fresh enriched all-grain organic diet with calcium. None of these worms were fed manure or any animal products. They were not collected from the wild or a compost bin. I raised these larvae myself from birth in an aerobic sanitary controlled environment and I sell them at a price to give you the best deal I can. My packing media consists of a non-food high fiber organic material that is safe if it is ingested by your pet and will actually help to keep your pet regular!

With each order I will include information on how to take care of your worms and with each order you will receive my unique and simple “drying bag” to sift out the media and dry your worms so that they will not crawl out and stay in your pet’s food bowl! It’s best to use these worms up within 2-3 weeks for freshness if held at room temperature (68 F-77 F), but a wine cooler can hold these larvae for months which is really convenient! (50-60 F).

06/13/13  04:01pm

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