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Guys I’m in a mess and need your help fast, I just had 16 baby dragons hatch and I went to feed them and I have white bugs in my roach colony. I raise Lobster Roaches I have about 15,000 well I did! And I’m freaking out like really panicking here I have alot of little mouths to feed and no roaches. I also raise superworms but right now I don’t have any big enough to feed to the baby dragons! The closest Pet shop is over an hour away and he don’t carry near as many as I need. I can’t believe I have to kill off my entire colony of roaches and start all over, it might be some kind of bug from outside but the tank is full of them and NO WAY am I gonna chance that, I can’t have my dragons sick or getting parasites. I’m in tears...

Is there any way you guys can help me out PLEASE I’ll repay you or if you want when I get some going again I’ll send you back double???
I’m sure there are some of you out there that has 1,000’s like I do or did ugh and you can spare some please! You’d be saving my babies..

I could order some offline but it takes them 2 days to get the order and then 4-5 days to get here. And if you can send some it will only take like 2-3 days..

I don’t know what else to do but I’m running out of time, so if you can help me please send me a message.

I’ll take anything I can get that dragons can eat. Roaches, tiny supers, pinhead crickets, ect...

Thanks guys

10/17/08  04:23pm


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okay just send this message in the bearded dragons forum cause theres a member there who raies her own insects to and she will probably be able to help.

so post it in the beardies forum

10/25/08  11:41am


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  Message To: Detra26   In reference to Message Id: 1887357


they will really help

11/02/09  01:28pm

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