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 Adult mealworm beetles fly?

i was reading on a web site about mealworms as beetles they fly. I dont think i was reading something right because no one has mentioned that their beetles could fly. IF they do, please let me know so i can get a lid for my mealworms before they turn into beetles.
Here is where i read that Entomology/mealworm

10/19/04  08:55am


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  Message To: Teddy372   In reference to Message Id: 165331

 Adult mealworm beetles fly?

yeah i left my lid open one day and a few flew out i got to see it it was kinda cool.

11/04/04  06:00am


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  Message To: Garcia   In reference to Message Id: 174868

 Adult mealworm beetles fly?

mine have no lid and dont fly. but if you drop them sometimes they flutter.

05/11/05  09:39pm


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  Message To: Tiliquachub   In reference to Message Id: 339745

 Adult meal worm beetles fly?

i went to buy some meal worms from the local pet shop, they have know got to the stage when they look like aliens, when they turn into Beatles, can they ply, i have a lid with little holes in it( 3mm by 6mm) will they be able to fly out of the container

07/26/05  04:39pm


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  Message To: Bombbob   In reference to Message Id: 416923

 Adult meal worm beetles fly?

I have been breeding these worms for a LONG time and i have yet to see one fly.

02/04/08  02:09pm


Lizard Mania
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  Message To: Newfgal   In reference to Message Id: 1609193

 Adult meal worm beetles fly?

Take one and put it on the end of your index finger...then raise your finger. It will glide off your finger and land on the nearest object. Note that Ive only seen this happen twice...

02/18/08  06:52pm

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