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 Quick mouth rot treatment?

So I have a water dragon named rex that is about 5 months old. A few weeks ago I began to notice signs of about rub on him. I tried to keep the area clean with neosporin and fresh water, but it still managed to develop into mouth rot. I first noticed the possibility of mouth rot about a week ago. I watched it closely and made a very appointment as soon as I was sure it was mouth rot (the appointment is tomorrow). For the time being, I thoroughly scrubbed the plaque with hydrogen peroxide and was able to remove quite a bit of it. His eating habits have been slightly irregular, but not too bad. He was able to eat 4 medium crickets and 2 super worms in the past two days. I was just wondering if there was anything else I could do to help him out until his appointment tomorrow. I’ve been keeping his cage warm and he’s spent most of the day basking.

05/22/13  09:30pm

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