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 The tsunami

As everybody has probably heard about the devastating tsunami that hit sri lanka and many other places Please donate as much as you possibly can to your local tsunami disaster charity.
May are thoughts be with the poor souls that lost their lives that day

01/13/05  05:20pm


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  Message To: Lozzer   In reference to Message Id: 220924

 The tsunami

more than just people need help what about all the animals or the nature that was wiped out. but yes i agree do all that can help

02/05/05  01:04am


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  Message To: Girlpower   In reference to Message Id: 240712

 The tsunami

people before the animals

04/22/05  09:03am


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  Message To: Repticfan1389   In reference to Message Id: 318729

 The tsunami

agree, but still, iwsh there was more to do

04/13/07  09:01pm


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  Message To: ShellBabe   In reference to Message Id: 1245333

 The tsunami

im not being funny or anything god made it that way for poor people and the whelthy people at the end of the day think if we had a desaster like that would they help us NO they wont what about our people there are people who are on the streets no were to live kids also we dont see them donating we donate for every bloody country in need we need to think about our own it is sick look what people did for them look how much money people donated and what did we get for that not even a thanks from there people im sorry but the only people i felt sorry for were the kids who died older people had a life kids didnt and what about the twin towers eh who put a donation in for that O GOD US well im sick of helping others as they dont help back when we have a disaster sod the lot of them

06/01/07  05:02am


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  Message To: 22maz22   In reference to Message Id: 1301291

 The tsunami

Well what do they have to give back?

05/28/11  07:45pm


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  Message To: Galanoth   In reference to Message Id: 2221485

 The tsunami

Punctuation?!? I’m going to donate punctuation!

11/10/12  02:15pm

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