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 Does this sound like a Northern Water Snake?

I didn’t see him for too long so it’s not the most accurate, as he scared the pajeepers out of me (I was taking underwater photos of the baby fish off my dock, didn’t even know this big guy/girl had come swimming up to me until I look down and I will stand by my belief that s/he was eyeballing my toes! haha!) He/she was so pretty, just didn’t expect it so I jumped and off they went. I’m in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada which is about 2 hours north of Toronto.

S/He looked to have been probably around 6 feet long. Swimming IN the lake and going out into the deep, I had seen this large creature swimming around near the dock for the past couple days so I’m going to believe it was her/him.

I don’t have much of a description (as I said, he/she was gone so fast) But they seemed to have almost a diamond pattern going down their back, in very Earthy tones - all browns and tans, very pretty!
We’ve had a couple of issues in past years with folks releasing wild animals into the lake (Like Piranha, what bloody jerks, Piranha can’t survive our winters) So if anyone knows whether or not this is something I should alert someone of, that would be awesome to know.
Thanks in advance,

08/03/10  10:21am


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  Message To: Vampirella666   In reference to Message Id: 2166838

 Does this sound like a Northern Water Snake?

I’d say to Google it and see if they have pics that you can match to the one you saw. Just remember, patterns and colors can vary a great deal from snake to snake in some species.
I’ve seen a northern water snake here in North Carolina and they are an awesome looking snake!
Good luck!

08/05/10  02:18pm

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