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 I need help with Identifying this snake!

I need to find out what this snake might be.

I’m posting this here because I found it in the Cahaba river here locally... So my base assumption is that it’s some type of water snake. It’s very friendly and non-aggressive. It’s about 7-8 inches long and is about the width of a pencil, if not slightly smaller.

I also really need some tips on what to feed it. I’ve never had a water snake before, but I have had king snakes... I’m assuming this snake’s needs will be very different.

Thank you SO MUCH for any and all help!

- Jesse

05/29/10  05:28pm


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 I need help with Identifying this snake!

That is a Brown, or DeKay’s Snake(Storeria dekayii, a small species often found underneath rotting logs or whatnot. They are very, very different from Water Snakes and have completely different needs. They are secretive little snakes who need fairly high humidity(unlike Water Snakes, which will sicken and die if kept in humid conditions), so cypress mulch makes the best bedding for one. They feed on earthworms and small slugs, primarily, though they are often picky eaters and refuse to feed in captivity.

06/01/10  06:48pm

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