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Legavaan   Chinacomenderk  
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 New baby water snake

i have a new baby Florida banded water snake (8 1/2in) (sooooooooo cute)

what do YOU...... yes you...... recommend???

1. what do i feed’im??
2. how often to i spray the enclosure??
3. how often do i feed him??

if looked this stuff up, and much was already common sense
but i need YOUR opinion.... please....

11/30/08  06:43pm


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  Message To: Legavaan   In reference to Message Id: 1907126

 New baby water snake

1. feed it minnows, frogs, toads, sunfish, rosy red minnows, etc. (but NO GOLDFISH).

2. i would mist the enclosure about once every week in spring-summer and a couple times a month in fall-winter.

3. feed him twice or three times a week.

11/30/08  08:27pm

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