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 Rehab help

Okay, the pest control co. set some glue traps in my boss’s office for mice. We came in Monday and discovered that we had trapped a baby snake!
At first we thought it was dead, so we just threw away the trap, snake and all. Then, while I was gone, someone came in and wanted to see it, so my boss showed it to him. He poked at it and discovered it was still very much alive! Then they just threw him away again!

When she informed me that it was still alive, I got it out of the trash and un-stuck it from the glue. This was a very tedious process, and I was careful as I could be, but I’m sure a scale or two got injured during the process. Also, his jaw was a little malformed from where it got stuck and he struggled.
Once I freed him, though, he opened his mouth a couple times and his jaw seems to have gone back in line.

After a full day’s research, thinking it might be some rat snake, I finally am convinced that it is a Northern Water Snake.

Now, I’ve had beardies, but never snakes. My intention is just to rehab the little fella, make sure he can eat on his own, and then set him free.

So, I have a 10 gal aquarium that he’s in right now. I added a stick and a rock and a very shallow water bowl (before I realized he was a water snake...but he’s at home and I’m at work, so I can’t give him a pool until later). I have paper towels as substrate. I don’t have a heat mat, and the nearest pet store is 50 miles away. I was wondering if a bulb will be sufficient? From what I understand, these guys are diurnal. Do I need to put some UVB on him?

My plan is to leave him be for a week, and then try to feed him. I would like to feed him minnows, as they are readily available around here.

Also, I’ve read before that with some species, once they are captive, it’s best to keep them captive as opposed to releasing them back to the wild. Does it matter with this kind of snake?

Any information would be appreciated...

Okay, here’s some pics...

09/16/08  10:09am


Gottee guy
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 Rehab help

it’s not a northern. it is a juvinile nerodia taxispilota,a juvinile brown water snake.

09/16/08  05:12pm


Gottee guy
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 Rehab help

i would add some leafcover.
a water bowl or rubbermaid jar to fully swim in is a need.
minnows,rosy reds,sunfish,guppies,etc (eccept NO GOLDFISH) are all good. they also eat toads,frogs,tadpoles,and fish-scented pinkie mice.

as for heating,a heat mat is not nessecary.a 70 watt bulb is the best.
UVB is also not nessecary but is beneficial to the snake’s health.

09/16/08  05:17pm

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