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 Please help me identify

OK I’m almost positive this is a common water bandit. My son was outside doing some work for a neighbor and lifted up a wheelburrow and well the guy tried to kill it. So my son saved it qand brought it home. Here in florida it has been raining buttloads due to the tropical storm and all the little ponds and lakes are up. Before I decide if I’m keeping this I wanted to be 100% what it was so I would know what I needed as far as habitat and If they thrive well being in captivity. Thanks

08/24/08  11:38am


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 Please help me identify

its a baby banded water snake
In those last couple sentences... you meen oyu need a care sheet correct?
I will right you one tomorrow

08/26/08  07:47pm


Gottee guy
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 Please help me identify

1.heating-are you using a UTH or heat lamp?
heat lamps are better because these snakes are NOT nocturnal (they are diurnal).

2.substrate-i use aspen bedding but some people use a 50/50 mixture of organic potting soil and sand.
water snakes also enjoy live and fake plants. do substrate changes every 2 months.

3.hides-you should have at least 2 hides,one regular hide and one moist hide(hiding place with moist moss).
maybe 3 hides.
so you would have one regular hide close to the heat lamp,one regular hide in the cool spot of the cage,and a moist hide,wherever. the most basic diet you can get that is healthy for a water snake is rosy red guppies and leopard/bull/chirping frogs.
i feed my adults twice a week.
you can get a wider variety by expanding to fish-scented mice,toads,native(legal) frogs,rosy reds, guppies,minnows,salt/fresh water mullet,etc. DO NOT ever feed GOLDFISH.

5.water- water bowl should be at least 3/4 the length of the snake so it can swim and chase prey in the water.clean out when dirty.

6.cage/aquarium/terrarium size-aquariums with a screened lid work best for water snakes. a northern water snake needs at least a 40 gallon tank when it is fully grown.

DO NOT make the cage all water! the snake will get a series of serious problems if you do.
water blisters are one.

08/31/08  09:43am

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