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hey i found a water snake ive seen one before i live in texas the snake was about 2 and a half feet long and was bright orange with darker orange dimonds going all the way down the body it was not a copperhead please help add all info u can cause if i catch one i want to keep it and yes it got away

04/04/08  10:55pm


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  Message To: Amphibiandude   In reference to Message Id: 1689839


It will either be a diamondback watersnake or a texas rat snake. Diamondback watersnakes have a diamond pattern but I have seen them dull orange. texas rat snakes have blotches and I have found them with bright orange or red. It seems odd but I often find them in or near water. I found a nice male that was 6 ft 7 in very close to water. I belive it is most likely a texas rat, they can be found in most of southern U.S.

04/24/08  10:33pm


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  Message To: SinisterReptiles   In reference to Message Id: 1715544


I was with him and no.. it was not a rat or corn ... (I have them at home and they are NOt like this)

And it was a REALLY bright orange. With burnt orange bands.... we think now it is a subspecies a or a sum sort of amel banded water snake. (it was a water snake)

thankyou though!

04/25/08  08:59pm


Gottee guy
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  Message To: Reptilefreak23   In reference to Message Id: 1716445


definitly a banded or broad banded water snake... probably just shed.

04/26/08  09:08pm

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