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 Sick i please!

my southern water snake has a pus-like blob on one of his looks like a snakeís eyes when it is shedding and i thought it was at first but it has been on for a week or two.the whole thing looks like the snake is about to shed eccept the edges of the eye look like they are about to bleed.i donít know what this is. what is it? i have a sphillium(peace lilly) plant in the cage,bed-a-beast substrate,a tree frog that lives in the plant,and proper cage size,watering,lighting,etc. He is from a pond with fertilizers and worm things so i took it out. iív had it for over 6 months. i feed it sunfish,toads,frogs,and minnows.could any of these be why it is getting sickish?what should i do????

01/04/08  01:07pm

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