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 Need help after my cwd broke his arm.

My fiance and I have a very energetic and rambunctious CWD, who unfortunately took to hard of a tumble a few days ago. He has been to his vet, and diagnosed with two breakages in his left front arm. Unfortunately due to where the breaks are (above and below the elbow) there is no chance at splinting (because his shoulder would need to be imobilized). The vet gave us pain medication, and told us to try to limit his movements. We have removed all climbable items in his terrarium, apart from his shallow bathing pool, (which he has no interest in) and his mesh ventilation strip, which he insists on continuously climbing. He also is insting on begging to get out, by clawing at the glass, and running around the terrarium. At this point, if he won’t keep his mobility limited, he faces amputation. He’s only two years old, and already has stunted growth due to his time at PetSmart, so obviously we don’t want our poor baby to face any more set backs in his life. We are going to transfer him from a 60 gallon tank to a 20... But the reason I am posting this is because any and all advice is welcome and sought after. We will try anything to keep him relaxed and OFF HIS DAMN ARM! (he is a very stubborn sassy boy who loves to give me and his dad all kinds of stress and trouble.)

05/26/18  01:12am

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