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 Water heat ideas

Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of designing a new big enclosure for my dragon, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep his water the right temperature. I was planning to use a large plastic storage bin for his bath and wasn’t sure if a small submersible aquarium heater is the way to go or if I should try an under-tank heating pad. The issue is that I need to make sure I can easily still change out the water every day since he poops in it. I welcome your ideas.
Right now he is still in his starter tank and his water is in a relatively shallow glass pan so it gets reasonably warm just from his heater and lights. That won’t be the case in the big enclosure.

03/15/18  04:14am


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 Water heat ideas

Here is a link to the only safe aquarium heater I found for plastic:

The issue is how large will the water pan be? What will the enclosure be made out of and what are the dimensions? My thought is, if the enclosure is made correctly, your dragon’s uva/uvb and heat lights should maintain the temperature throughout his entire enclosure and you can use the little 10-watt heaters for his bath or maybe a couple of them if the water pan is large.

As far as a heating pad goes, most pads list that enclosures with water and/or plastic are not safe when used with a heating pad.

I too am working on a different enclosure for my dragon (more of an aquarium with land zones, but I am struggling to find good filters so I have not moved him into that enclosure yet), I will post photos ASAP.

Good luck :)

05/04/18  10:27am

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