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 Lost Chinese water dragon

I have a Chinese water dragon that is about a year old. She has been missing for about 3 1/2 days. My children had put her on my headboard of my bed and she had gotten down and now is missing. I have searched the apartment over and over again and can not find her. I am going frantic cause that is my baby and don’t want to lose her. Any ideas as to where I may possibly look, that I may have missed?? I have looked in bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, under sinks, under/behind fridge. Under couches. Please help, frantic owner here.

03/14/18  06:10pm


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  Message To: Dtay1971   In reference to Message Id: 2322135

 Lost Chinese water dragon

I’m hoping you ended up finding her, but incase of future mishaps like this, my CWD decided to play hoodini in my one bedroom apartment. Ripped it apart top to bottom setting up barricades all the way along the first night, gave up the serch when I had to go to work, and left my shower running and my heat on all day. When I got home, I served again and balled my eyes out, that’s when Mr jackass of mine decided to pop his head out from around the corner and smile at me. (He liked to play dead to make me cry too, little attention craving, overly dramatic brat!!) So in the future, God forbid it happen, I recommend leaving the shower on. Could save a life and draw them out.

05/26/18  01:19am

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