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 Please Help My Chinese Water Dragon

Please help ASAP! I have just adopted a Chinese water dragon he/she is a baby and I was mislead by the petco worker. I was originally looking for a leapord gecko but they did not have any when I went to purchase one so I asked the petco worker what was the most similar lizard to a leopard gecko and I was told a water dragon I’ve only had this lizard for a couple hours and with the research I have done they are probably the farthest from similar. But regardless I’m happy to take care of the babe but I was not aware of all the requirements. I was told a 10 gallon tank would be fine for him/her and now looking up the proper care you need a much much larger tank and I was told they only needed a uvb lamp so now my tank is staying at 70 degrees (I’m keeping my house at 70 just for this little guy) and he has gotten brown with a green under belly and not moving very much (occasionally moving from one spot to another and jumping at the glass) I’m not sure what to do to make the tank hotter and keep the humidity where it needs to be about every hour or so I spray him down with warm water but he just doesn’t seem happy. I guess what I’m saying is I need advice and tons of it on how to maintain a happy water dragon please help a amateur out! Anything is greatly appreciated

02/11/18  10:33pm


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  Message To: Maddixoxo   In reference to Message Id: 2321918

 Please Help My Chinese Water Dragon

Can you describe the size of the enclosure your dragon is in, the lighting (if you added a UVA light), what you’re feeding (how much), if and what you are supplementing, what the substrate is, and what the heat and humidity levels are staying at?

05/04/18  10:34am

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