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Maspethzoo   Bakerzx  

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 Pond ideas

Hello fellow water dragon owners, I’m new to these forums and lately I’ve been looking into making a pond for my 2 year old CWD. I know there is a thread about enclosures but I’m strictly trying to see ponds in your enclosures. If anyone wants to share what they have or give me any ideas/tips I would really appreciate it. My CWD is currently in a custom built enclosure that I built myself. The enclosure is 5ft H x 4 ft L x 2ft W. Any other questions feel free to ask me. Thanks.

01/18/18  09:25am


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 Pond ideas

I used a 40 gallon preformed pond from Home Depot. then plumbed it with parts from Marine Depot.

In my next build I am going to fiberglass the pond, as well as the inside of the enclosure.

If you want further details let me know.

02/01/18  11:31am

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