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 Water dragon acting scared

Hi! I have a Chinese water dragon that is about 9 months, named George. We just got George a new tank. He was in a 10 gallon tank while he was still small now that he is bigger we put him in a 20 gallon tank. We had added some bamboo bars and a background so he would stop digging and added one more light. Ever since changing him over to the tank he has been super dark, not eating, hiding and when we go to hold him he freaks out in the tank. Once we get him out and he realizes it’s us he calms down and starts to get brighter. We had to force feed him spotted roaches last night just so we knew he had food in his stomach. We took the bamboo bars out and the background to see if that would help. Could this all be caused by the new tank and set up? He is also starting to shed. But has never acted like this when shedding.

01/15/18  03:04pm

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