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Amcdaniel   Minya  

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 Am I being paranoid?

Hello! First time CWD owner here. My little buddy is names Draco and he is not very old. I just got him last week from PetCo. I’m attaching a pic of Draco and his habitat. The issue is I have noticed he is staying really brown and where as he was a bit more active when we first got him into his new home I notice today he has just been wanting to lay in the same spot in his tank. He also hasn’t eaten anything today. I have a 100W heat light, 75W heat light, and UVB light on him. I turn the UVB light off at night, but I leave the heat lights on as they are red and still keep the tank dark. I have two stick on thermometers on each side of the tank. The warm side stays around 85 and the cool side is around 70-75 (this is the side I also notice he wants to lay in the most). I have two water dishes that I wash daily. One is larger and big enough for him to get in and even has a little plant he can hide in while soaking (though I have only seen him hang out in it once maybe twice in a week..does this water also need to be heated I wonder?) I also have a human heating pad that touched the bottom of the tank on the cool side that I keep between medium and high. I feed him crickets, small little worms (both gut loaded from Petco) and a dehydrated mix of fruits, veggies, and insects that you add water too. I don’t have a humidifier or humidity gauge but I do mist the change 5-6 times a day if not a little more until I get a humidifier.

I wanted to list all of this to see if I am doing something wrong or need to add/change anything. I really want him to be happy and healthy! Help!

09/28/17  10:51am


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  Message To: Amcdaniel   In reference to Message Id: 2321327

 Am I being paranoid?

Not paranoid, but I have a few questions. Your pics are not coming up. I would really like to see his setup and him. He may be too hot. First, take out the heating pad.

12/15/17  06:19pm

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