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 My Dragon is Kinda Slow

Hey guys, I have some questions about my Chinese water Dragon. I’ve had him for four years and we got him from Petco when he was maybe four months old. He wasn’t doing so hot when we brought him home but we managed to get him back to health. We have all the proper lighting and all the proper stuff but he doesn’t eat anything but meal worms and crickets and lettuce when I manage to mix it up with the meal worms. We feed the crickets calcium supplements and fruits to help make up for what he’s missing. We take him out of his cage and we let them run around in our trees that we have in our house, so he gets exercise. When we first offered a pinky he would have nothing to do with it and then when we offered a feeder fish he just stared at them until they died about two months later. We used to give him wax worms and if we a grasshopper in the garden we give it to him but he never eats it. He does not seem bored with his food but I’m worried that he’s not going to get enough calcium and that could lead to problems. So I guess the question is any advice on what I could do? Thanks :)

09/24/17  09:19am


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 My Dragon is Kinda Slow

I make my own baby food from sweet potatoes or other kinds of greens, no peas, and train my dragons to eat from a syringe no needle. I put a little on the end of the snout until they start licking it then I keep feeding while he’s smacking and chewing. I just bake the sweet potato and take a little pice and mash it with enough water to get it in the syringe.

You should dust your feeders with all supplements for proper nutrition. Your dragon needs to take the supplements in pure form and with food.

12/15/17  06:31pm

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