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 Cwd + other species in free roam setup

This is my first post in this forum and I’m hoping to get some answers on this kinda difficult question. Also I’m sorry if my english isn’t perfect, since I’m from Germany :D
So, I’ve been keeping my now around 2 years old Cwd named Link for about 1,5 years. He’s been free roaming my entire "reptile room" for the whole time I’ve had him. It kinda started as an experiment, because I wanted a free roaming lizard, but not something as big as the more popular choices for this kind of setup like tegus and monitors. I always had a big cage on hand, if it shouldn’t work out, but, to my relief, it totally did. He has a lot of branches and other stuff to climb on, a basking spot, a big pool for him fo bath in and a good amount of hiding spaces. The room is around 8m long, 3,5m wide and 2,5m high (in feet: 27’ long, 12’ wide and 9’ high). He currently lives together with my pair of cockatiels and my conure. They get along pretty well, since he shows absolutely no interest in the birds and the birds are kinda afraid of him.
So, because everything works out so good and my room is pretty big, I thought about getting another lizard with similar care requirements. I would really like an Eastern water dragon, because I just love the look of them and because this species would fit right in. My question now is, if I could house my male Cwd with another male Ewd. I think that male water dragons look sooooo much better than females, so I would really prefer a male. Would they get along? Would they show typical threat displays, like they would with other males of their own species, or would they probaly just ignore each other? Also, like I mentioned before, you have to take into concern, that they would live in a pretty big room (not in a cage, like in most cases, when people ask about putting them together). I also thought about frilled dragons, but think, that it would be to cold for them. I would also really enjoy basiliscs, knight anoles and maybe medium sized iguana or dragon species.
Maybe you guys can help me with this thing ;)

P.s. Maybe it doesn’t really seem like that from what I’ve been writing so far, but I’m pretty experienced with reptiles and have been keeping and breeding several different species of lizards, mainly geckos for a long time now. Just writing this, so no one gets the feeling of me being a unexperienced keeper, who has just decided to get some "cool" lizards ;)

07/25/17  05:43am

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