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LupercaX   Zisch  

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 Looking for Experienced Input

Hey RepticZone fam. I’m new here, and will appreciate any advice I’m about to receive. I have done my research on keeping Chinese Water Dragons and all, but some websites and articles just don’t cover it all and I still have questions.

Unfortunately, my life Reptar began unexpectedly. A friend that I play games with online heard me talking about one day owning one. He took matters to his own hands and bought me, and shipped me a baby Chinese Water Dragon! It was a very kind act, but I wasn’t prepared for the little guy. I acted as fast as I could. I drove 2 hours to get him a 55 gallon aquarium. It was only $20, and I know it could provide a TEMPORARY home for him.

It’s been almost a week, and he’s pretty green with a little baby brown on him. So, the aquarium is 48 x 13 x 20". Snout rubbing hasn’t been much of an issue. I have lined the entire permitter of the cage with cleaned tree bark. Part of me panics whenever he climbs to the top of the bark and looks out the glass. However I have not noticed any rubbing. Why am I writing this forum and wasting your time with this story? I’m just here to asking the following questions.

What’s a good size for a custom made enclosure, and how much time does he have in this aquarium?

My mister wets the entire tank. I have soil with sphagnum moss to help with humidity, as well as a towel on the lid. It’s not touching heat lights. Today, I woke up and there was a fair amount of water resting on the substrate. It’s shallow enough for him to walk, but should I get rid of the water?

How active should he be? And how worried should I be when he is just chilling in his pool, with most of his body underwater?

And finally, how green should he be?

Thanks for reading this long thing! Thank you for your input, and if you have any questions about anything leave them below, and I will try to get back to you ASAP!

06/29/17  01:45pm


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  Message To: LupercaX   In reference to Message Id: 2320811

 Looking for Experienced Input

I’m sorry for you that no one could give you an answer so far. So, in my opinion you did everything right so far. A 55g will be good for a relatively long time. A custom made terrarium for one adult should be at least 3’ long 2’ wide and 4’ tall, but that is really bare minimum for this extremly active species of lizard. I myself keep my subadult male free roaming in my 27’x 12’x 9’ reptile room and he uses nearly all of the space. If you want to build a nice cage, it definitly should only have glass in the front to prevent snout rubbing. When it comes to the substrate, it should be kept moist on one side of the enclosure (most of the time the side with the pool) and dry on the other. That your dragon spends alot of time in his pool is completely normal and something you shouldn’t worry about, as long as his head stays above the surface. If they go underwater completely (with the head submerged), it means that they are pretty stressed out. Babys tend to have a more brownish color at first. Also I noticed, that it seems like there are two types of Cwd (Chinese water dragon) : The ones that grow very large and bulky with bright green, sometimes even blueish coloration and the ones that have a lot of brown patterns and kinda stay smaller and slimmer than the other ones. So, as long as your Cwd looks good, is eating and active, everything is fine :)

07/25/17  11:26am

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