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Doctor Nubey   Minya  

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Doctor Nubey
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 Water dragon with no toes.

Hello, as the title suggest, I have a water dragon with no toes. I rescued her from a friend 6 years ago and when I got her, she had a messed up back leg and no toes on any of her feet. Basically stubs with a few first knuckle. Shes nice and fat, with very nice colors. Surprisingly she just laid 4 infertile eggs last night. I say surprisingly because I thought she was a male for 6 years and just thought she was dwarfed due to her disability.

Anyways, my question is, do you think she can still climb if I were to offer higher heights? Im afraid that she will fall, she holds her back leg to her tail and I dont know how well she will manage. I got her from my friend when I was 14 so I did not really know to take her to the vet. I know thats my fault but she was in very bad conditions before and now she is not but I cant help but think that her climbing days are over. She is very active and inquisitive and jumps from her middle height platform. She has a good appetite and everything as well.

Can anyone give some insight?

04/16/17  03:52pm


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 Water dragon with no toes.

Awwww, she sounds sweet. You have pics? Test her out. Go small and go from there. You’d be surprised what these babies are capable of.

12/15/17  06:43pm

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