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 Eye infection????

So I just bought a water dragon from petsmart about a week ago. The first few days she was running all over the place being active and sweet but them she started just being extreamly docile. She wouldn’t open her eyes and when I picked her up she wasn’t very active at all, on top of that she was either breathing really shallow or not breathing at all. It worried me that we didn’t have enough time humidity. I spray down her enclosement with water and left a damp towel on half of her cage. She started being more active and eating. But this morning I saw a brown crust under her eye. I tried to get it off but she kept on turning towards the cottonball and puffing up. I don’t know if it’s an infection or not. Please help!!!

01/21/17  06:19am


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  Message To: ElevenReptiles   In reference to Message Id: 2320151

 Eye infection????

Hey eleven reptiles, I’ve had my water dragon for a bit more then two years, about a month ago my dragon got the same problem, he wasn’t moving, eating, and just sat in one place for over a week, I fixed his eye myself, now he’s running around, eating, both eyes open, and no brown crusty stuff on his eye anymore, it might sound bad, or like it won’t work, but what I did was poured some beer into a small cup, then with a cotton swab, dipped it in and rubbed it all over his infected eye, I did this twice, it wasn’t painful to my dragon, he sat still while I did it, within a week the infection cleared, now he’s happy and healthy!

02/24/17  09:37am


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  Message To: Danny1580   In reference to Message Id: 2320318

 Eye infection????

Beer?? That’s ridiculous. What’s the theory behind that.ive had cwds for 15 years and never had an eye infection treated by a vet. You could use an eye drop. Google types used on cwds. I’ve used common human brands.this "trance " sounds like he’s sleeping .they will often rat with there head propped on something straight up

03/10/17  05:44am

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