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JuliaSkinwalker   Milldabeast519  

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 Gender Behavioral Differences

I feel like it should make sense that my male and female water dragons act differently and have individual personalities. My female is reserved, lounges a lot in and outside of the water bowl, and eats normally. However my male always wants attention, he is an aggressive eater, paws at the glass when I walk by or even remotely look at him, and when I do let him out of his enclosure he just ends up sleeping on objects like my TV, bed, or curtain rod. My female sleeps at a decent hour and has a preferred spot, sometimes they both sleep side by side yet sometimes he just goes to sleep much later then she does. I had my female at a very young age before I got the male, when she was young she did paw at the window and had very similar behavior as he does now, but she grew out of it.
What does his behavior mean?

12/06/16  01:37pm


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  Message To: JuliaSkinwalker   In reference to Message Id: 2319854

 Gender Behavioral Differences

She paws at the glass because they are not intelligent enough 5o figure out what it is!as for wanting attention...let’s be honest. Don’t mistake there wanting for food for there need for attention.ive had cwds for 15years and they are not reptiles that look for affection. The want warmth sun water and food and something to dominate.

03/10/17  06:04am

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