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 Need to know if my male water dragon is obese

Hey guys
I have two water dragons one male (Clyde) and one female (Bonnie). I’ve had these two for about 4 months now and they are both around 4 years old and share an enclosure. I ussally feed them 15 superworms a day each. Is this too much??
I also sometimes give them some mince meat because they won’t eat any fruit or veg.
When I got them they were very sick (not having use of there back legs due to not haveing a uvb light or proper heating in there previous tank with there previous owner. They seem quite healthy now and have full use of all there legs and are quite healthy however Clyde has recently started geting very fat, we were told he was a male and he has a larger head and red belly so I don’t think it’s possible that he’s actually a girl. For the last couple of weeks I’ve started feeding them separately incase he was stealing Bonnies food but that hasn’t helped. Is this normal?? Or should I take him to the vet??
Plz give any advice on what to feed him to help him lose some weight and how much!
Thanks in advance
Also I can’t figure out how to add pictures so if someone could help with that it would be great:)

10/08/16  02:28am

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