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 Chinese Water Dragon Help!?

About a month ago I took Niko (Chinese Water Dragon) to the Vet and he said that Niko has Metabolic Bone Disease. He told me to get proper UVB lighting and fully dust the crickets with calcium. But here is the problem. Every time I dust the crickets with calcium, Niko won’t eat them. And if I don’t dust them, Niko will eat them. AND I have amazing UVB lighting in his terrarium. I have proper humidity staying around 50%, lighting, UVB, branches for him to sit on, I feed him everyday, and the temperature stays around 75 degrees Fahrenheit through 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and 75 degrees Fahrenheit through 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. I’m trying as best as I could, but it seems like Niko is getting worse and worse everyday. When I first bought Niko from the Vet, he was lying in the corner away from the other MALES and half of his tail was missing. I feel bad for Niko and I think I’m doing a terrible job of taking care of him. I just need advice/help. I can’t really afford a Vet visit at the moment so that doesn’t help either.

08/04/16  09:53pm


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 Chinese Water Dragon Help!?

Mix a slurry of; honey, calcium dust, and commercial diet. Crush it all up into a fine dust and make a slurry with honey. Dab the slurry onto their nose and they "should" lick it off. They LOVE sweets. Best way to get medicine or needed nutrients. Worst case. Make a slurry and syringe feed.
UVB and proper diet goes a long way.
*If at all get your dragon outside in the real sun. They make "cat tents" and sell them at Petsmart. It’s a great way to get the real deal and not worry about a lost dragon.
Best of luck and keep us posted. This forum is nothing without active involvement as a dragon community.

08/08/16  10:27am

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