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 Thoughts please

My water dragon has been acting very strange lately. Im almost 100% she is a girl. For the past several days she barely comes out of her water dish. She is even sleeping in it. Anybody ever experienced this before? I know they enjoy the water but she is in there virtually 24/7. I just want to make sure she is ok. Habitat conditions are as gollows. Night temp 70 day temp 80 humidity 60 to 80. Eatjng crickets that are dusted two to three times weekly. Very picky eater that wont try anything new. I also have another dragon in the cage. I am pretty sure it is a male. They have been housed together since we got them. No fighting between them since we got them. He is acting normal. Climbing around the tank being out on the climbing limbs. The only thought that crossed my mind was if she’s shedding but she has never done this before. I’ve had them since April 29th of this year. Thank you to anyone with thoughts to this.

07/13/16  03:37am


Saphiras mom
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 Thoughts please

I would bet that the "male" dragon is being bossy with her. It is a bad idea to have 2 CWDs in the same cage, even when one is male and one is female. The male will start showing signs of dominance as they mature. I suggest splitting them up and I will bet you will see her respond well.

07/27/16  07:21am


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  Message To: Saphiras mom   In reference to Message Id: 2319171

 Thoughts please

I have a male and female housed together; yes we do have squabbles every now and then.
As long as you have enough "real estate" everyone is usually happy and out. Maybe try "his and hers" sections?
My new enclosure is going to have "split" real estate; meaning each dragon has plenty of land and canopy space for everyone to enjoy without territory squabbles.
Also this may be stress. Anything new? We just moved across the country and I have a stressed female. Nothing bad, just anxious behavior. Any change can set them off. They are, as we call it in our house, "sensitive".

08/08/16  10:57am

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