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 Housing 2 different Dragon Species

I own a baby Sailfin Dragon and was interested in getting a baby Chinese Water Dragon as well. Both dragon species require almost the exact type of care. Since I already have a very large terrarium that is an established ecosystem & has proper setups that my sailfin is housed in, would it be ok to put a chinese water dragon in too? There’s plenty of room in the terrarium for each to roam & climb without having constant encounters with one another.

07/01/16  11:53am


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  Message To: TxGemini   In reference to Message Id: 2318992

 Housing 2 different Dragon Species

How big of an enclosure?

I have a 6’x3’x7’ enclosure with a male and female CWD’s and I occasionally have disputes over territory and hierarchy.

I’d be warey.

07/01/16  01:05pm

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  Message To: Bakerzx   In reference to Message Id: 2318995

 Chinese water dragon cage baby setup.

I just got my medium reptibreeze cage from eBay and it’s now here I got the lighting and stuff already I need to know if a medium reptibreeze with a huge water bowl on the bottom to swim in will work it’s a baby.

08/22/16  11:24am


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  Message To:   In reference to Message Id: 2319329

 Chinese water dragon cage baby setup.

It would work for a while, but Water Dragons grow fast.

I would use this time to plan your large "permanent" enclosure and begin "piecing" it together (read a little here and there as money provides) The standard enclosure is 6ft x 3ft x 6ft.

Now we all can’t achieve that and 3ft deep doesn’t work if you want to be upward and mobile.

I learned my lesson recently moving across the country. I recommend at least 4ft x 2ft x 6ft. This will be somewhat spacious and able to be moved through many door sizes.
Homes and apartments vary; this is where I ran into problems. My enclosure is 35 inches deep. Barely made it out of our old house and I had to completely take out a sliding glass door to get it into our current home.

So... a new enclosure is in the works.

Best of luck and keep us posted. Pictures would be awesome if you’re able to post some.

08/23/16  02:53pm

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