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 Questions about snout damage

I just adopted a 3 year old water dragon who was not very well taken care of. He has some snout damage but I cannot tell if it is permanent damage or mouth rot. He doesn’t rub his snout on the glass but he does scratch at the glass. (I am working on getting a better enclosure for him)

Another question I have is about the "trances" they go into? Last night I can home and he was laying in the corner with his neck pressed up against the glass and his eyes were open. I touched him and he didn’t move. I pulled him back from the glass and he barely moved. Not until I picked him up did he "wake up". Is that normal?

I’m trying to get him in to see a vet. I just got him a few days ago though and he is doing much better than he was with the previous owner.

05/26/16  08:22am


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 Questions about snout damage

Good to hear that he is doing better now. Always a sense a of gratification.

I’d wait to see what the vet’s prognosis is. Also some photos would help.

I’ve never heard of trances before. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in.

05/27/16  04:50pm

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