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 Shedding in adult male

Hello everyone, My Blaze I think is reaching full maturity. Over the past couple of months he has shed 3 maybe even 4 times. He would be coming up to the age of about at least 2 1/2. Blaze has become sulky and he is not eating very much, still eating a few mealworms a day, wax worms he loves but crickets seem to not be eaten and I seem to find more dead hoppers from not being eaten..I was curious if his lack of hunger could be do to him changing into manhood so to speak..
I had a lot of difficulty with Blaze when I first bought him, one vet said mbd one said no mbd. I bought Blaze from a pet store. I have all the proper lighting, my bulbs are from Bob Mac. Blaze had been a very good eater which is why I pose this question.

05/26/16  01:00am


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 Shedding in adult male

Keep an eye on Blaze. One our dragons is named Blaze.
They do go through phases, like toddlers. I compare Water Dragons to cats. They like things high, they are curious, AND most of all, they can be cantankerous. Offer food every day, vitamin dust, and try some variety. Worms are like fries: in moderation. I’m a Dubia guy. This is my dragons’ main dish. Otherwise we do worms (as a treat) and pinkies once a week. You can try salad and a variety of insects and worms; but only your Water Dragon will tell you.
As long as they are getting their vitamins, I wouldn’t worry too much. Otherwise it’s vet time. A good check up never hurts.

06/15/16  12:04pm

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