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 Bad Behavior / Expected / Just a bully ?

Hi everyone

Long story short I got my CWD about a month ago (Female) and I was not able to get my 2nd one until this past Saturday.
It was confirmed by the place I got them from they are both female (I trust this place been going there for over 10 years and they are reptile specialist not a Pet Shop)

My newest female is a little bigger than my 1st but not by that that much.
(Left is Cersei the larger newer female and Right is Khaleesi the smaller my 1st)

So Saturday I introduced them and the smaller one when approached in this picture above just moments later waved her arm and head bopped then headbutt the larger one. I was like ok shes showing her its her place and shes the boss. After a few headbutts they licked each other once and didn’t move for a while.
Moments later it seems the new bigger one decided she had enough and wanted to take over .. started head bop and arm movements and chasing the small one without biting her. My guess is she was taking over that spot and didn’t want the small one there. That day they ran around but still both ate normally.

Over the rest of the days seems that Cersei (larger one) is always trying to take whatever spot Khaleesi finds. I added another basking spot near the lower temp basking light for Khaleesi to enjoy and she did for a few hours until Cersei the larger one took that spot ... They keep trading spots and it feels like the larger one just bullys her to retake the spot when shes fed up of the other spot.

Khaleesi seems to enjoy staying a lot in her water during the day time but still they are both active both eat and no blood or war scratches are visible. I never saw them bite either.

They are currently in a 55 Gallon and temps are fine as well. Starting to work on their huge home soon.

Should I be worried at this point? Id hate to bring the larger one back to find on the same same size but again it feels like it’s what they would do out in the wild and it’s just a dominance game.. Or maybe I’m wrong ??

Any help is welcome and glad I joined this board found lots of info here.


12/29/15  08:58am


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  Message To: Crankypunk   In reference to Message Id: 2316322

 Bad Behavior / Expected / Just a bully ?

Looks like the pic is not working
Here is a direct link

12/29/15  09:01am


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  Message To: Crankypunk   In reference to Message Id: 2316323

 Bad Behavior / Expected / Just a bully ?

I currently have two hatchlings in our Large enclosure; 6’x7’x3’. One has clearly begin to show male traits, insane growth, and has taken over the enclosure as the alpha. The other hatchling is much smaller, yet still healthy, but has taken to hiding in the upper areas among the vegetation and only comes out to feed and swim (read poop).

I don’t worry too much as they have plenty of space to call their own, but at the same time the male has taken to what I like to call "jealousy". Every time I hold the smaller of the two he runs up to me, waves his arms and bobs his head. Then proceeds to chase off the smaller one and practically demand my attention and some jowl rubs.
So far no one has seriously suffered from the alpha behavior, but I still keep an eye on them.

Time will only tell, and as they mature the dynamic may change. I suspect the smaller hatchling is female. I have seen many people have 4-6 in a smaller enclosure than mine with no problems. So maybe this (and yours) behavior is all part of dragon puberty.

Keep us posted.

12/29/15  10:00am


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  Message To: Bakerzx   In reference to Message Id: 2316325

 Bad Behavior / Expected / Just a bully ?

Just a quick update!

I had to return the larger one she went mental day after day.
When they took her back and put her with their other Dragons she was calm and they were all over her for a change.. we were surprised.

They didn’t have other females but we left with a Male that is a little tiny smaller than our small female.

They get along amazing so far. No waving and no attacking from any of them.

01/03/16  08:59am


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  Message To: Crankypunk   In reference to Message Id: 2316379

 Bad Behavior / Expected / Just a bully ?

Curious. Hope all goes well. Nothing like having your dragon den in upheaval.

01/03/16  04:04pm

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