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 We have babies!

I’ve been late to post this since Mushu’s passing and Mulan finding her permanent home, but our family has some new babies.
These two came to us from a pet store who had a walk in customer order two baby Chinese Water Dragons, only to never return to pick them up. SO... They came to live with us till they find their permanent homes.
I present to you Blaze and Ella. They came to our home in great condition. Blaze did drop his tail due to stress, but I am happy to report that his tail has grown almost an inch and he has tripled in size. Ella has done great as well, but has not seen the growth spurt Blaze has. She is in good health, but because of Blaze’s obvious male tendencies, alpha behavior, and jealousy over me, she has taken to hiding and only coming out to bask and eat.
Here are a few pictures. I hop you enjoy them and hopefully they will find their permanent families soon.
*being a dragon foster is hard at times and I may have to keep Blaze for personal/ bonding reasons. He reminds me SO much of Mushu, my heart melts every time he throws a fit because I haven’t paid enough attention to him.
Here the babies are after they settled in to their new home.

Here is Blaze now. Ella rarely shows herself. When I get a good picture, I’ll post it.

12/26/15  02:55pm

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