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Gerstone   Bakerzx  

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 Wood vivarium DIY

I am making a vivarium out of a wooden blanket box for chinese water dragon.What is best to protect the wood from humidity.Waterproof varnish,plexiglass or marine plywood.

10/24/15  09:05am


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 Wood vivarium DIY

I may not be much help, but I used a Titebond II, Peat, and cypress mulch slurry for mine. Works great, looks cool and allows vegetation to to cling and grow up.
Depending on your design; I’d use Zip Guard for bare wood, melamine is a pain for us OCD types, plexi is expensive. So, if you’re doing bare wood, to a sealer. Be sure to give plenty of time for curing.

10/24/15  04:47pm

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