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Blink lizard
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 Herp? derp?

20 days ago as of today (8-2-15) i adopted my first herp (a cute lil baby CWD). i knew it wasnt usually a recommended first, but i felt confident in my knowledge from friends, the reading i have been doing, the supplies i had, and the time i had to learn about and care for. ( i had a tonsillectomy and had two weeks off work) so i figured it was the best time i would have for a while, so i spent some money to fill my old 100 gal tank with the things that would be needed. Over the past 3 weeks i have been altering and upgrading the tank as i could, in a proses that would least stress him out as i learn about how i will need to run my specific set up. I have one side of the tank with some metal grating from home depot i cut to shape to be good to hold up my 150 watt mercury vapor bulb and night time 100watt infrared heater that keep it 85-90 on one side and 77-84 on the other depending on room temp. On the other i have a sheet of plexy and a 18’ 15 watt halogen uvb bulb, close but not too close to "jojo’s" vines. I have a mix of plants i read to be healthy and plastic leaved vines, a small hidy hut that is used to bask, and of course a pool (i wish it was a lil bigger but it suits him nicely for now as its deep enough for him to submerge but shallow enough to pop out). Im currently using eco earth coconut fiber which iv read it to not be the best but not the worst for now, and recently added a water drain of pea stones and fine window screening to separate the two. I was a little worried about jojo digging as he-(i believe) still isnt %100 used the the glass but the screening seems to work well to stop him. Jojo seems to be content for the most part and rather resilient, the only thing i can think of for now is in my effort to keep the humidity at %80 , letting it drop to about %50 for a while in-between misting with a mist king system, the substrate seems so still be a lil moist, i was figuring its not horrible as hes on his vines, hut, or pool most of the day, but even if i completely dried it, i wasnt sure if it would still pickup and hold the new moisture and start to grow some nasties in the soil!
any comments or recommendations are greatly appreciated!

10/21/15  04:20pm


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 Herp? derp?

Great tank size but I’ll start building his permanent cage from my experience with the Chinese/Australian water dragons tanks aren’t something they should go in especially as babies they don’t understand the concept of glass so they’ll keep banging and doing whatever to get out which overtime lead to infection and mouth rot. The warm side should be 88 with a 90 basking spot with the cool side at 75 same as night which shouldn’t drop below 60. A good substrate to maintain humidity is cypress mulch(the one with no chemicals or anything). Maintaining humidity for certain animals can be a hassel lol but a helpful site to learn more is

10/21/15  07:20pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2315323

 Herp? derp?

As far as "nasties" go in your enclosure I would recommend seeding with springtails and isopods. They love mold and poop. Great janitors. Granted you’ll still have to do a clean up every now and then, but as far as keeping a "live" enclosure clean; micro fauna is the way to go.

I use a converted cold mist humidifier for my enclosure. It does super at keeping my humidity up and also looks pretty cool. If you don’t want to go the humidifier route, I would recommend misting two to four times a day. Even though I have the humidifier, I still mist once a day with a gallon mister from Home Depot. Between all my lamps and lights a daily misting helps keep my humidity in the 80% range. Every day I mist about 1 gallon of reverse osmosis water. I also have a 4’x3’ 40 gallon pond in the enclosure and the natural evaporation helps keep the humidity up as well.

10/25/15  02:33pm

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