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 UVB/UVA Mercury Vapor Bulbs

I started this thread to get us all talking about what we use and what our experiences are.

I personally use Exo Terra Solar Glo as my go to mercury vapor bulb. I’ve used them for years and had good success, but that doesn’t mean I am steadfast in my choice. I am always looking for the best husbandry techniques and my research never ends.

I recently have heard the community blowing up about Mega Ray UVB bulbs. I personally don’t know anyone who has used them and in our community Exo Terra has the longevity and track record to back it up.

My biggest question is has anyone measured the Mega Ray output for themselves and also what is the experience with bulbs blowing due to fluctuations and misting. Exo Terras hold up to misting over spray, but I feel they tend to blow due to voltage fluctuations.

I really want to try Mega Ray and want to know more from those that have used them. I used to work in marketing for years and my dirty little secrets make me very cautious when new products make an appearance o the scene.

And... GO!

10/18/15  01:17pm


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  Message To: Bakerzx   In reference to Message Id: 2315285

 UVB/UVA Mercury Vapor Bulbs

I have purchased the Mega Ray lamps and tested them... pre issue and post, after the issue was resolved.
I know very well that there was an issue and some friends did indeed experience it.
Bob made every effort to correct it and I believe he did so after a year or more and much painstaking work. A personal endeavor no other manufacture can boast of.
When zoo med and others produced the compact lamps and many reptiles suffered blindness not one offered a replacement lamp to correct the issue. Nor did anyone offer compensation such as a refund.

I have used the self ballasted mercury vapor lamps from Mega ray as early as 2006 and still to this day

The 100 watt the 160 watt and the
275 watt @ 36" away from my iguana.

I have photos of UVB meter readings on my phone... of both natural daylight and the lamps in action.

The trick is to get them from phone to this site...friend me on my facebook and I will gladly share all I have

10/18/15  01:34pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2315288

 UVB/UVA Mercury Vapor Bulbs

AWESOME! Working on hitting you up on Facebook.
I want to purchase a 160 watt Mega Ray as that is what my current set up is. The main basking spot 18" away from the UVB/UVA bulb per ratings. Maybe a little more UMPH would be appreciated as my enclosure is 6’x7’x3’. Want the best for my... well... baby...
Sadness, as I’m not over Mushu’s passing just yet.

Chris... Hit me up.

10/18/15  03:01pm


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  Message To: Bakerzx   In reference to Message Id: 2315291

 UVB/UVA Mercury Vapor Bulbs

Hi, I use the Mega Ray 75 but have two in the Viv as it is large and I have two dragons. CPHil recommended the lights to me as My dragons have possible mbd. One vet said they do another the opposite..I bought a meter reader and when I measured the mega Ray it hit 0.8 but when I measured the exo terra one that I had in there it measure 0.2, it was 3 months old. I frequently mist the enclosure and on occasion will turn either of the lights off due to heating control. Previous my dragon rarely sun bathed with standard heat lamp but with mega Ray lamp he basks often..I can tell you my dragons health has improved since using the Mega Ray and Bob was most helpful to me..I have only been using them for 2 months but I won’t be buying anything other now..Really sorry to hear about Mushu’s passing, I followed all your posts about him...

10/20/15  04:20pm


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  Message To: Novice   In reference to Message Id: 2315301

 UVB/UVA Mercury Vapor Bulbs

Thanks again. It has been hard since Mushu’s passing. He was a HUGE part of our family.

Looks like my next UVB purchase will have to be a Mega Ray. I’m just too curious at this point not to.

10/21/15  08:49pm


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  Message To: Bakerzx   In reference to Message Id: 2315324

 UVB/UVA Mercury Vapor Bulbs

Hi Novice...

Interesting on your readings ...what meter are you using ??

I’ve never heard of .02 and .08
This meter I am using is a SOLARMETER 6.2
This reading is outside in the bright sun

copy and paste the link to your browser

Im glad to hear the Mega ray is working well for you


10/22/15  12:26am

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