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 Feeding Frozen Pinkies


I noticed you had stated you feed your dragons frozen pinkies. Would you mind elaborating on this a bit? Or anyone else for that matter.
Mushu would only eat live pinkies. If it wasn’t moving, he wouldn’t eat it. Mulan is skittish and only eating her dubias and crickets when no one is around. So, right now, hand feeding is out of the question.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

10/16/15  06:32pm


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 Feeding Frozen Pinkies

You purchase them at local pet stores ...even tropical fish supplies ...or online
They are frozen... you defrost them in a glass of warm water. Should be ready in a few minutes
Dangle the pinkie in front of the dragon with tongs...mimic live action

10/18/15  10:37am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2315273

 Feeding Frozen Pinkies

Our pet store had them, just never ventured that path.
Thanks again.

10/18/15  11:21am

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