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 Mulan’s First Vet Appointment

After our loss with Mushu I was even more adement about getting Mulan in for a check up. Mushu was also scheduled, but of course he was unable to make it.
The vet gave her an all clear. As I thought, as it was evident, she had a poor diet and was housed in a small screen cage that caused many injuries. Mulan has abrasions on her snout along with her back feet. Standard antibiotics, a boost in calcium in her diet, and regular TLC was prescribed.
Over all she is in good health and Mushu’s passing was, in no way, her fault. It was a major concern, as she was the variable in the equation.
I’m glad she is OK and now on to rehabilitation. She is still skittish and does not like being handled. I really think she was a captive bred that did not sell and continued life in a poor environment. Oh, the joys of rescuing abused reptiles...
Either way she is loved, and as much as she hates it, she’ll gets lots of attention and snuggles.

10/16/15  06:12pm


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 Mulan’s First Vet Appointment

Im glad to hear she is in good hands ... so sorry about the sweet Mushu

10/18/15  10:44am

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