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 Please help

Hello friends Im concerned about Buddy our 1 yr old cwd mostly likly male.
conditions :
enclosure lower 75 gallon bottom 1/2 water apx 20 gallon large filter with spay bar on glass side, substrate coconut fiber.
upper section large repitariam "netted" back and side wall is styrofoam rock walls. one live pothos plant.
lots real and fake vines and sticks.
lighting uptop 150 heated day bulb, uvb 10.0 florecent and 75 moon bulb
lower section uvb 5.0 florecent.
temp range 79 - 90
humidity 58-80 spray bottle every other day. 90%.
diet was every other day 3-5 super worms or 4-5 crickets from pet smart. Ive tried baby food, fresh fruit. "no"

Problems: two months ago he slowed down his diet refused all worms and only eats cricket three every 3-4 days. he also goes behind his plant "79" deg. as soon as sundown and has 20 % energy.
we brought him out 4 times for naturel sun but he got real scared.we have geese around. he looks under weight. we found two beatles from his plant recently. his behavour seems depressed. Im concerned.
Questions, could this be parisites, should i get rid of live plant, should i take him out side more or not at all? please help..

Thanks Dave

08/14/12  06:43am


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  Message To: Buddysfriend   In reference to Message Id: 2276717

 Please help

You should definately bring him to the vet. you should also take out that plant and check the rest of his cage for beetles. he should not be near any other animals/insects that are not from a pet store. He could have a problem digesting food so that is why he is not eating. This could also be the starting symtoms of serious problems.let me know what happens

08/14/12  03:19pm


War Machine
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  Message To: Lizzardguy23   In reference to Message Id: 2276756

 Please help

It also sounds like you’ve bee seriously underfeeding him. Especially since he’s within his first year. as well as male.

My male will eat about 20-25 crickets a DAY. Along with a few roaches. And he is still LEAN and healthy.

A juvenile Dragon should eat like a pig.

Now, husbandry issues, You have a screened top? Wrong, very wrong. paired with your 150?! watt bulb. And I’m guessing you have a cheapo humidity reptile brand gauge, They don’t work worth a crap. Odds are you have NO humidity. Dehydrating the dragon.

I suggest you take him to the vet asap. because a dragon not eating means its not getting sufficient calcium. MBD will develop and you will lose your dragon.

After that, ditch the screen part, and 100% seal the enclosure, no vents, gaps, fans etc. Then ditch the 150w bulb and run 1-2 40-60watt halogen flood lights. Found at home depot.

Low wattage bulbs don’t drain humidity. and produce equivalent heat. You need a CONSTANT 24/7 %80 minimum Humidity.

This is how my tank looks 24/7

I attain this by using a bank of three 50 watt flood lights, Mistking Misting system, and a home humidifier. Self sustaining, little to know maintenance.

08/14/12  03:58pm


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  Message To: War Machine   In reference to Message Id: 2276761

 Please help

Ok Thanks to both of you for responding. I will take him to a vet asap. I will remove the plant. It was clean when i bought it and did not know it could breed beatles. Yes I have the dual plastic guage, I will get a better guage. I will seal off the repatariam up top. I always felt with his large water section in the tank below and his spray bar this would keep th humidity up along with spraying.
I will keep you guys abreast of his progress.

Thanks again Dave

08/14/12  10:36pm


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  Message To: Buddysfriend   In reference to Message Id: 2276809

 Please help

You do not have to seal the top. I have a 55 gallon tank with a screen top. I do run a regular humidifier into her tank for 30 mins on, 30 off during the day, with the off duration to 1.5 hours at night.

Do replace your gauges with digital ones so that you can get an accurate account of your temps/humidity. If you find you do have humidity issues, you can close off the cool side of your top to help hold it in. It is not necessary to have it raining in your tank. They need to have a dry area to go to also. I had a heavy mist in Terris’ cage, and she started making a popping sound. I decreased her humidifier times to what I have above, and it is much better. With as much water you have, and the fact that it is moving, I would think your humidity should be ok. Again, replace your thermometer/humidity guages.

There is definitely a problem, so the vet visit is definitely in order. It sounds like it could be impaction or parasites - as both can cause those symptoms. You have coconut substrate - do you feed in your tank or outside or in a dish? If he is eating his feeders on the substrate, a partial impaction might be a possibility; but I would think that it would be worse since this has been going on for months.

When did you last replace your UVB bulbs? If your bulbs are old and not producing enough UVB they will get lethargic and decrease the amount they eat.

Get a thermometer with a probe that you can put on your basking spot to get a proper reading. Or, get an infrared temp gun to get the most accurate reading. With him hiding, it is very possible it is too warm for him.

If you can post a picture of your dragon and the enclosure that would help also.

Let us know how he does, and what the vet says. Good luck.

08/14/12  11:08pm


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  Message To: Cazicsmom   In reference to Message Id: 2276814

 Please help

Corection the the day heat is reptisun 100w. His basking spot is 90d. his fav spots are 85-78. All the bulbs are a yr old. I will replace reptisun 10 uv flourecent today.
I will report what vet says.

08/15/12  09:06am


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  Message To: Buddysfriend   In reference to Message Id: 2276853

 Please help

ok back from the vet. he said no signs of impaction or parisite. Seems like maybe constipation due to low d3. I was using a calcium powder without d3, assumming his lights would provide the d3 from uvb. which I know he needs to help obsorbe the calcium.
to help buddy, we are using a surringe to feed him .10ml of mineral oil two times a day, and a fifty fifty mix of a high calcium cat food and water.
I bought a new 10 uva/b flourecent, new humidity guage "metal" "I will purchase a digital one on-line soon", new pump sprayer so the family will help spray more, put his hide my daughter and i made him "fake rock" uptop to replace his plant, and searched everywhere for any other beatles. none.
I cant post pics right now, my phone won’t talk to my computer.
I will give a report in a few days, thanks again for your help everyone.

08/15/12  03:20pm


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  Message To: Buddysfriend   In reference to Message Id: 2276887

 Please help

I wanted to ask why did you get a dial humidity gauge?? Walmart sells a digital / temp hygrometer for 6.99
made by Springfield

What UVB lamp did you get ?? a long tube preferably...and ZOOMED is a very good brand...typically the 10.0 is recommended ...I hope you didn’t get Zilla or Reptiglo

Some folks here are starting to give out bad careful when someone says / demands that you do something a certain way....there are many good micro environments that work...not just 1.

More experienced folks like Rok Dog and T.D and Cazic’s Mom...and some others have been doing this for a long time without a completely sealed unit...everything needs fresh air and ventilation!! The trick is to balance it all...


08/19/12  12:11pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2277270

 Please help

If it’s only been a decline in his feeding recently I would say that it’s the UV.

If the bulb is a year old the UV output wont be very good. I try to change Neon’s UV’s (he has 2 in his tank, one on each level) every 9-10 months. He’s due new ones actually.. I know what I’ll be buying next pay day

Incorrect UV exposure would also account for the low D3. They need the UV to turn Calcium into D3, the D3 enables them to digest their food


08/20/12  04:12pm


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  Message To: TwilightDreamer1979   In reference to Message Id: 2277360

 Please help

Also if you are seeing bugs in the cage that is may be be due to the worms changing into beetles in the dirt then resurfacing make sure you change the substrate

08/21/12  09:01pm


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  Message To: CWDMan32   In reference to Message Id: 2277507

 Please help

Any news?

08/25/12  08:09am

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