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 Yoda Feeding!

Hey guys, I’ve been on here numerous times but i havent been on in quite a while. Well, yoda is getting bigger, about a foot and a half snout to tail!(: I do have a couple questions. now that hes getting bigger, i want to feed him more things. i really really wanna try a pinky or a fuzzie, whichever is smaller, i forget. ive only been giving him mealworms and waxworms and im worried im not changing it up and it might affect him? hes a beautiful little guy and i want him to stay healthy and what not. Just wondering what else i could try to feed him, hes not a veggie guy either. well please let me know! thanks everyone.

11/06/11  10:29am


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  Message To: Tskate53   In reference to Message Id: 2243261

 Yoda Feeding!

jump on the bandwagon and join those of us who are taking the plunge and buying Dubia roaches and phoenix worms! I just ordered my first batch of phoenix worms and i plan to order Dubia soon! everyone says they are THE best thing you can feed your dragon. but dont take my word for it. others will reply who have been feeding their dragon those and love them.

11/06/11  10:58am


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  Message To: Stacy3601   In reference to Message Id: 2243262

 Yoda Feeding!

My J was bored with his food and didn’t eat for a few days. My Dubia roaches and Phoenix worms arrived in the mail the other day and I almost can’t feed him enough! He was gobbling them up as fast as I could put them in his bowl. His color looks better and he is more active too. I am on the bandwagon for sure!

11/06/11  11:40am


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  Message To: Tracerkgs   In reference to Message Id: 2243270

 Yoda Feeding!

The dubia’s are truly the best nutritionally. They are very high in protein. They are easy to breed and care for, they don’t stink and don’t make noise. I about went nuts with 3 crickets chirping in the house for 3 weeks. 1 dubia is equal to (I have seen different #’s...) 4-7 crickets - I think it is mostly dependant upon their size. Terris goes nuts for them.
Phoenix worms are high in calcium - they do not need to be dusted. They have the ideal ca:ph ratio. Terris has eaten 3...I think I will be having some flies, lol. Glad I only bought one tub

Waxworms are pretty fatty. They will make the liver fatty so should be more of a treat than a staple....
They are great for helping to put some weight on them.

If you want more info about the dubia’s read through this post. Lots of info from just the last 2 weeks =)

Have fun and good luck. /hugs from

Kathy and Terris

11/06/11  11:56am


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  Message To: Cazicsmom   In reference to Message Id: 2243274

 Yoda Feeding!

thanks! i will definitely have to get them. umm any good places you recommend to get them?

11/06/11  10:09pm


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  Message To: Tskate53   In reference to Message Id: 2243330

 Yoda Feeding!

PM me and I can hook you up with Dubia Roaches, seeing as you live pretty close
in PA, I live in Ohio and ship to surrounding states within USPS priority mail 2-day service

11/06/11  10:27pm


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  Message To: Rokdog   In reference to Message Id: 2243332

 Yoda Feeding!

Yep switch to Dubia and you will never go back!
Gosh Rockdog didn’t know you sold to surrounding states!!! I could have gotten some from you!

11/07/11  09:44am

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