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 Terris (Cazic) Update

Well, she had alot of challenges since the vet. She would only eat 1 or 2 crickets every one or two days. She had only gained 2 grams in 25 days, not sure how good/bad that is. I was just happy that she had not lost. She had a spot on each side of her mouth that had been there since I got her - they would look better, then get worse. Still not sure if it was mouth rot or not- beginning to think it was - and they were causing her pain, contributing to her lack of appetite. In a prior post, someone (Rokdog, I think) mentioned Reptaid. I looked at it for several days, then decided to try it.

The first day on reptaid she ate 5 roaches. The next was 7. 5 days later, she is now eating 7-10, depending on their sizes. Her mouth looks much better, both spots looked almost healed =) She has always hated the higher temps, but now she is beginning to thermoregulate. I find her in her basking spot, then she will go to a cooler spot, then back to the heat. She has never done that in 2 months.

When I weighed her this morning, she has gained 1 gram since Friday! I am sooooo excited =) So, the reptaid helped with her appetite, which was the sole reason for me getting it for her. But the other things it seems to be helping with are bonuses =)

Again, thank you all for your help and advice. We would both be still in the dark if it weren’t for all of you! Next up for her is a MVB. Won’t be long and I wont’ be able to take her outside anymore. As it is, there is only a 2 hour window in the morning that has proper temps...Not sure how she will take it, not being able to go out for her morning sunning, lol.

08/03/11  02:16pm


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 Terris (Cazic) Update

That’s so great! Glad to hear she’s doing so well, she is very lucky to have such a good mommy! Afterall, she’s going to be beautiful as a full grown lizard especially with such loving tender care your providing for her :) good luck with little Terris!!


08/04/11  10:46am

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