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 Question on Shedding time

I am wondering, is it common for CWD to stay out of the warmer areas during times of shed? Terris isn’t eating as much, which is common I know, and what she has eaten isn’t fully digested - mostly though. She won’t get up in her basking spot which I know is adding to the incomplete digestion. She stays in the cooler areas, and her favorite spot is under the humidifier - which is alot cooler, probably closer to 80 with the mist coming down. Just thinking maybe they don’t eat as much during this time if they are uncomfortable in the high temps....

I was thinking parasites with her liking the cooler areas, but the fecal came back negative.

Kathy and Terris

07/11/11  03:48pm


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 Question on Shedding time

they are pretty miserable when they shed. i’m glad you did a fecal. she probably is just trying to get some relief. make sure your temps are not getting too high. i know we are in a major heat wave here and i have to be careful of my viv temps.

07/12/11  06:48am

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