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 Any tips for...

Does anyone have any tips for getting my CWD to eat from feeding tongs or eat outside of his tank? I switched Mushu to a much larger tank with more foliage and hiding spots for crickets and worms so I don’t want to feed him in there. I tried feeding him on my bed and in the bathtub but he wouldn’t even look at the food. When I try feeding him with the feeding tongs, he either just turns his head away or he gets scared. I’m out of ideas. =(
Also, does their appetite decrease when they are going into shed? Thanks!

04/11/11  12:06pm


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 Any tips for...

you have to feed him in the tank. its the only place he feels really secure, but then, if that’s new, he’s not really feeling secure now. you can feed your dragon outside the viv once they bond with you and feel safe with you all of the time. he may be seeing his reflection in the tongs. i bought jeweled tweezers at the drugstore to feed mine with. the point is, that the jeweled ones don’t show a reflection. you could try and put some tape around or something to keep the tongs from showing a reflection.

04/11/11  01:22pm


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  Message To: Minya   In reference to Message Id: 2213899

 Any tips for...

Minya is right - it’s probably a security issuse. The more secure and confident your WD becomes, the easier it’ll be to feed him anywhere.

Listen to Minya’s ideas on this one, it’s probably the least stress for your WD x


04/12/11  07:34am

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