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 Who uses sphagnum moss?

Do a lot of you guys find success with using sphagnum moss? I switched from sterile dirt to moss about a month ago, since it seems to hold moisture better, but now my Mo won’t even go in the box. (I think she might be too young to lay eggs anyway b/c she’s only a little over a year old, but I wanted to have a box for her just in case.)

09/03/06  12:05am


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  Message To: Crispy   In reference to Message Id: 968974

 Who uses sphagnum moss?

You might want to mix some sterile dirt with the moss. You want to have digging material that she can build a nice hole in without the dirt falling back in.
A female dragon needs be around 18 inches (which is close to 1.5 years old) to lay eggs.

09/05/06  09:34am


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  Message To: Finners   In reference to Message Id: 972046

 Who uses sphagnum moss?

Yeah I use a mixture, I actually tend to keep the moss on the top of all the dirt, niether have laid yet, nor dug in the dirt so I dont know how well it would work

09/09/06  08:44pm

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