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Valencia_oranges   Husalah  

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Hello all,

so I have my two Chinese water dragons (male & female) in a 55gal tank. I just recently moved into an apartment and this is the first time they really have had true sunlight. (I have them directly under my skylight) They were always housed in my room in the basement since I’ve had them. Anyway, I have been taking them out and letting them roam free and I noticed Zoey trying to entice him (tail whipping, arm waving, slight head bobbing and at times charging him). Much to her dismay Zephyr turned down all her attempts and would flee the scene. Finally one day he started to counter her back and got rather dark in the beard.. for some reason when he advanced a little she fled this time. My concern is - now that they are doing all of these actions I have noticed that his vent looks wrong. He has always been sensitive at the bridge of his spine between his back two legs.. but now when I touch it I noticed his vent is basically open (almost looks like its falling out) and when he twitches from my touch a clear liquid and at times some stool comes out. Should I be concerned or is this all because of the hormones and temptation going on? They have always been housed together and they do not seem to be acting this way inside the enclosure. Please help! I have never tried to breed them so I have no experience with this sort of stuff

06/04/13  01:28pm


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Valencia put this question on the other water dragon forum nobody really goes on this one. But to me that does not sound normal at all I would desperate them as I did with mine because it will start to get a little more violent as they get older trust me desperate them. And are you sure one is a male and one is a female?

06/07/13  11:07pm

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