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 Quick mouth rot treatment?

So I have a water dragon named rex that is about 5 months old. A few weeks ago I began to notice signs of about rub on him. I tried to keep the area clean with neosporin and fresh water, but it still managed to develop into mouth rot. I first noticed the possibility of mouth rot about a week ago. I watched it closely and made a very appointment as soon as I was sure it was mouth rot (the appointment is tomorrow). For the time being, I thoroughly scrubbed the plaque with hydrogen peroxide and was able to remove quite a bit of it. His eating habits have been slightly irregular, but not too bad. He was able to eat 4 medium crickets and 2 super worms in the past two days. I was just wondering if there was anything else I could do to help him out until his appointment tomorrow. I’ve been keeping his cage warm and he’s spent most of the day basking.

05/22/13  09:33pm


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 Quick mouth rot treatment?

i wrote this out some time ago, when i was caring for mouth rot in stewie.

caring for oral infection in Chinese water dragon

i’m not the number one authority, but i rescued a little dragon a few years back. he was 3 years old and 11 inches long. because of that, i could get away with making him a three-level castle out of a 50-gal. when he died, he was four and a half and 12 inches long. we called him my teacup dragon. his name was stewie.

so. at this point, any old tank as long as you can make it clean, comfortable and warm for him. he needs a pond big enough to get into. water dragons NEED water. i would keep it shallow until i was sure he was strong enough not to drown.

little crickets--3 or 4 weeks old. flukers is cheap and has excellent quality. they’re at flukerfarms dot com. Teeny roaches would work well, too.

baby food works really well. butternut or acorn squash and green beans are good for them. get a little syringe or eyedropper from the pharmacy dept. once he realizes what you’re offering, he might lap it on his own. put the bugs in the fridge to slow them down for him. if he can’t handle the bugs, try some chicken baby food.

and that mouth. you’ll need q-tips, betadine and a strong stomach. i’ve been bitten by a water dragon; their jaws aren’t all that strong even healthy, so don’t let it worry you.

wash your hands really well and use hand sanitizer before and after. if you have any cuts or hangnails, use surgical gloves for your protection and his. have a little jar lid or something for the betadine. very gently pull his lips away from his gums--most water dragons will open their mouths if you tap them gently on top of the head--and use the q-tip and betadine to clean all the rot out of there. you’ll have to do it at least a couple times a day until he’s well, and at this point i’m choosing to believe he can get well. be careful with the betadine. use just water or saline solution to get the worst out, and then squeeze the excess betadine out of the swab. you don’t want him swallowing it.

like i said in the post, baytril--it’s an oral antibiotic--is going to be necessary. he’ll also need ointment for the outside. i use gentocin opthalmic oitment. it’s actually for eyes, but it has the least in the way of surplus ingredients that could be harmful if ingested, especially on a weak system. stewie broke a tooth once. i had to put a little line of ointment along his gum line once each day, and my vet was the one who said the kind for eyes would be best. these aren’t over-the-counter medicines.

the antibiotics are dangerous in that they can really dehydrate an animal. they can interfere with digestion and damage an already damaged system. unfortunately, we don’t have anything better. you have to walk a line between enough to cure without being enough to kill.


05/28/14  07:11am


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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2305361

 Quick mouth rot treatment?

i think green veggies are kinda bad.. high in phosphorus. can casuses calcium binding issue or something like that....

06/28/15  05:33pm

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