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 Should I breed

I have an apperant female CWD [he/she is too young to tell]. I want to know should I wait until he/she matured and breed with another dragon. I know I will need a very large cage to do this along with an incubator and all the extra stuff. So should I try to breed in the future or just let him/her live solo


07/08/12  08:54pm


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  Message To: Lizzardguy23   In reference to Message Id: 2272584

 Should I breed

i would wait until i knew gender for sure. two girls can live together, usually. about the breeding: in a word, don’t. water dragons are available for 20-40 dollars in pet stores, which makes them a throw-away pet, just like iguanas. people buy them because they’re cheap and cute, but don’t care for them properly and they die young or the owner shoves them off on someone else just as uneducated. if you care about the animals, the maybe ten bucks apiece you’d get for the babies isn’t worth the suffering most of them would be doomed to go through.


05/28/14  07:18am


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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2305362

 Should I breed

yea no doubt . your not making money from breeding cwds. its just a good experience. and you have to live with the fact that they will like be neglected and die very young like you said..... i brought cwds to vets before and they usually havnt even seen one in there before because like he said there"throw away" cheap lizards. lucky to get 20$ a pop for hatchlings

06/28/15  05:36pm

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