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Lundyman69   Rokdog  

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i have never had them sexed but i am positive one i a male(bigger and very spiky) and one a female. I have also caught them head bobbing etc...well recently i re did my viv and while cleaning out the bark, i found 4 eggs. 2 were shriveled up so i chucked them, the other 2 were in good shape so i put them in vermiculite in a container 3/4 of the egg covered in 80-85 degree heat and misted. The next day the eggs were gone. I believe my male may have ate them considering he devours almost anything. Is this possible? will they eat their own eggs?

04/17/12  08:28pm


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yes they will as they like to taste things espicially white in color & know a good calcium food source when they see it.....
I actually feed many eggs to my dragons as they do like them espicially the males

04/17/12  08:55pm

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